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What is an Outbound SDR?

What is Outbound Sales?

Outbound sales refers to the proactive approach taken by companies to reach potential customers. This involves your sales development team reaching out via cold calling, social media, and cold email to discover, engage and close new leads.

Rather than waiting for potential customers to initiate contact, outbound sales relies on the sales team to actively reach out to individuals and businesses that fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), but have yet to learn about your business or express interest.

The goal of outbound sales is not just to increase sales figures, but to establish meaningful relationships with customers, gain insights into the needs of your target audience, and provide high-quality products and services that truly impact them.

What is an Outbound SDR

An outbound SDR is the first point of contact with prospects and tries to move them along the buyer journey. The responsibilities of an outbound SDR extend beyond just reaching out to prospects once. Their ultimate goal is to convert a prospect into a lead by persistently following up, until they successfully book a meeting.

Once a prospect expresses interest and schedules a meeting, the outbound SDR's job is complete. Depending on the organizational structure of the company, the SDR may or may not participate in the meeting itself.

Inbound vs. Outbound

Outbound SDRs proactively reach out to prospects who have not previously shown interest but are still potential customers based on job titles, company size, or industry.

Inbound SDRs handle leads that have signed up on the website or otherwise expressed interest. Whenever someone on the team contacts a lead generated by the website, it is considered an inbound sale.

While the effectiveness of inbound marketing is not the responsibility of the inbound SDR, it is the responsibility of the content marketing team. A good inbound SDR is crucial for the success of inbound marketing efforts.


Having an outbound SDR is a crucial part of developing your sales team.


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