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How to warmup an email inbox

What is email warm-up?

Email deliverability plays an essential role in your email outbound efforts. A foundation of great email deliverability is warming up email inboxes and domains.

Email warm-up is building a good reputation for your email inbox. If you set up a new G-suite account and on the same day start sending 200+ emails, the address is likely to be marked as spam.

Email warm-up is the process of gradually ramping up your email sending and having a high reply rate, showing email providers that you are a real account and not a bot or fake account.

Automating Email Warm-up

You could manually warm up email addresses by sending emails back and forth with friends, family, or other email accounts you own. This would take quite some time, there are tons of free and low-cost options that can automate the process for you. Sending and receiving emails from Gmail, Outlook and Office 365.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Instantly ($99/ Month - but also is a great outbound tool)

  • Quickmail, which has a free tier and upgraded plans starting at 60$ per month (not worth it in our opinion)

  • MailReach which has their starter account, which is more than enough, for $25

These tools connect directly to your email account and warm up the account fully by themselves. We warm up our email inboxes for a minimum of two weeks before starting outreach and continue to warm them up for as long as we use the inbox.


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