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Email Verification Industry Leaders

There are tons of email verification services out there, but finding the one with the right price and features can be a pain. In our experience, these are some of our favorites that will get you the most precise data.

Price: from $35 for 5,000 verifications

  • Emailable uses advanced algorithms to verify email addresses and ensures that emails are delivered to valid addresses only

  • They provide detailed reports on the email addresses that have been verified, including information on their status, activity, and deliverability.

  • Some of the insights we use for analysis include: SMTP Provider, MX Records, deliverability quality

When it comes to value for money we think Emailable is one of the best options out there.

Price: from $1000 for 86,956 verifications

Webbula is a powerful email verification tool powered by Oracle. Webbula is an industry leader in data quality technology, mitigating delivery threats and protecting sender reputation.

Webbula doesn’t just let you know if your email lists are valid or invalid, they are thorough. Thorough to a point where you are surprised, breaking down your data so you can see the risks you are avoiding. This is how they breakdown contact lists:

  • V = Valid (passed all threats and will deliver)

  • U = Unknown (passed all threats however, was not provided a definitive response as to whether it will deliver or bounce. If you choose to send these, we recommend that you slowly add them in as some will bounce. Not all but some of them will)

  • I = Invalid (meaning it will bounce)

  • R = Reputation (will harm your Sender Score)

  • F = Fraud (bots, phishing emails, etc)

  • D = Delivery (duplicate, won't deliver, etc)

  • C = Conversion (more of business rules on your end, these are typical complainers, role accounts, deceased individuals, etc)

Webbula is a great if slightly pricey option!

Pricing: $97/Month for 2500 verifications is a relatively new email verification tool built by email marketing experts. Not all emails can be validated by most email verification services, and when you get your list results often a chunk of those will be labeled “Risky” or “Verification Unknown”. This is where Scrubby comes into play, Scrubby does its best to validate those risky contacts and they do a great job.

They are at the forefront of email deliverability and we think they will be market leaders in no time.

Pricing: $40 for 5000 verifications

Briteverify from Vality is a lower-cost verification tool with simple pricing. This is a legacy brand that has been in the business for a long time and worked with some massive clients. Their verification tool provides you with fast but basic deliverability insights, definitely less in-depth than some of the other products on the market.

Fair warning: We tested their validation tool against others on the market and it was not as thorough and even made some invalid contacts as valid.

If you are looking for a cheap solution to validate large sets of contact data this could be the solution for you.

Bonus - Google Sheets:

If you made it this far on this post you’re probably really trying to find the right email verification tool. We’ll have a little secret trick for you, assuming you have access to google sheets.

This is a bare-bones, partial solution to email validation and is completely free. So what do you have to do?

Open your contact list in Google Sheets, and duplicate the email column. The next step on that second email column is to select the column, go to Insert, smart chips and select “convert to people chips”.

What’s going to happen?

Give Google a minute and it is going to recognize every email address that is a Gmail account, those accounts will be bubbled.

Time for a function:

Insert one more column to the right and write this function:

=not(*firstemailcolumn = *secondemailcolumn)

This will give you TRUE or FALSE statements.

Sort A→Z and every TRUE row is a real Gmail account associated with a person. This is a great resource and has direct ROI, the fact that it’s free.


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