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Our Story

Funnel fuel is a family business incorporated in 2020, run by brothers Alexander and Anthony Minder. By employing innovative solutions and strategies, Funnel Fuel maximizes sales opportunities for our clients across various industries.


Why did we start our business? Alexander is a co-founder and managing partner at Red Tail Ventures, an early stage investment firm headquartered in New York. Prior to starting Red Tail Ventures, Alex had worked in enterprise sales for a decade, and saw an opportunity to help support portfolio companies at Red Tail Ventures in their business development efforts. Alexander recruited his younger brother Anthony to join him, and Funnel Fuel was formally packaged as a productized service offering in late 2020.

Funnel Fuel is a family business incorporated in 2020, run by brothers Alexander (Far left) and Anthony Minder (Far Right).

We have since grown to support 20+ companies in their outbound efforts. These are our clients, our partners, our friends. Today we help to fuel pipeline growth not only at Red Tail Ventures portfolio companies - we support our clients growth across a wide variety of industries and sectors.


Lead generation is hard - outbound sales efforts are costly from both a financial and human resources standpoint. Funnel Fuel is designed to come in and support you across the people, process and platform components of your growth efforts.


Our proven outbound engine can plug into your existing business model and generate revenue quickly and predictably.

Book a free strategy session with our team today to learn more about how we could help support you in your mission.

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