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Case Study

"Scaling Success: How Funnel Fuel Helped Red Tail Ventures Expand Their Network and Drive Growth"

Red Tail Ventures is a venture capital firm that works with companies at an early stage to add strategic value via introductions, management planning and capital. 




Managing Partner Harrison Lapides launched his firm in December of 2020, and approached Funnel Fuel about 9 months later to help grow his business. 


Harrison wanted to expand his network of partner firms and find important connections to help support portfolio companies. He needed time and cost efficient outbound prospecting expertise. However, before finding Funnel Fuel, internal efforts were time consuming and other vendors hadn’t yielded results.



“We only have so much time in a day, and with our primary focus on investing, Funnel Fuel took the burden of outbound off of our shoulders and put it on auto-pilot,” said Harrison.

To turbocharge Harrison’s meeting schedule, initial campaigns were not even remotely sales-oriented. Instead, Funnel Fuel built a campaign focused on Harrison’s background as a successful founder and his personal story around launching Red Tail Ventures. The campaigns didn’t pressure the recipient to make a purchase — instead, it told a story and invited a conversation that would help both parties work together. 


Red Tail Ventures’s Funnel Fuel investment exceeded projections and expectations. In a matter of months, the Funnel Fuel system delivered dozens of different opportunities to the Red Tail Ventures group. 

Through successful conversations and a huge time grab, Harrison made back his initial investment almost immediately. “Funnel Fuel brought us to the next level,” said Harrison.


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