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Case Study Supercharge Their Customer Growth By Leveraging Funnel Fuel is a Toronto-based b2b grocery delivery service that specializes in providing high-quality Costco products to its customers at advantageous prices. The company is led by CEO, Vitaliy Savitsky. 


In order to expand his customer base, Vitaliy engaged Funnel Fuel to target Toronto-based companies and convert cold leads into closed pipeline.




As the Covid-19 pandemic was getting under control, Vitaliy saw an opportunity to capitalize on the return to the office in 2022 and grow his customer base among corporate offices in the Toronto area. 


With an already successful home delivery service this was new territory for the team. Funnel Fuel met Vitaly through Red Tail Ventures, and after discussion, both parties agreed there was an opportunity to expand Comfort’s outreach and business through cold email. 




The Funnel Fuel team developed a strategy targeting office managers and HR managers with the pitch of providing high-quality office snacks to help companies foster a positive culture and support their workforce, while also offering the best prices. 


Funnel Fuel and entered into a partnership in mid 2022, and the results were impressive to say the least. 



The campaigns achieved open rates of 79% and a reply rate of 19.4%, resulting in the acquisition of a significant number of new clients for 


"Funnel Fuel unlocked a hidden growth opportunity for us! The team was very honest and straightforward, and exceeded our expectations. It was an awesome experience - they took complete control of our outbound efforts and generated results without us having to do anything. They quickly paid for themselves + more." - Vitaliy Savitski, CEO and cofounder

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