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Case Study

A Symbiotic Relationship : Better You x Funnel Fuel

BetterYou is a digital coach that enhances employee wellness, increasing engagement, collaboration, and company culture. Better You has been proven to help employees make good choices around their physical and mental health, and build healthy habits. 


BetterYou is a portfolio company of Red Tail Ventures, and connected with the Funnel Fuel team through RTV to understand how we could come in and support them in their business development and growth efforts. 



CEO Sean Higgins and the BetterYou team have experienced significant growth since their inception in 2018, thanks in large part to a fantastic internal sales team. 


Despite the success of their current sales channels and partnerships, Sean sought to collaborate with outbound lead generation experts to supercharge their sales pipeline, particularly to target large enterprise and university accounts. 


The Funnel Fuel team partnered with BetterYou to understand their product, value proposition, and ideal customer profile. Together, we developed targeted messaging to generate interest in the BetterYou solution that resulted in a steady stream of warm leads ready to convert to customers.



The campaigns, which have achieved high open rates of ~75% and reply rates of 5.6% have been successful in securing meetings with companies such as, Chewy, and LL Bean. 


Funnel Fuel has helped BetterYou expand their reach, filling the calendars of their sales reps with qualified warm leads, and driving accelerated adoption of the BetterYou solution.

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