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Case Study

Actual Energy Accelerates Their Market Penetration By Leveraging Funnel Fuel

Actual Energy is an innovative B2B energy supplier in New England. The company is disrupting the traditional energy industry model by offering a unique pricing structure, in which customers are charged the real price plus a one-penny markup instead of being locked into fixed-rate contracts. 

“Funnel Fuel has a turnkey approach. You tell them what you need in terms of audience and they do the rest, and leads come in the door.” - Mark Finley, CEO



Actual Energy already had an effective inbound lead generation machine - but that’s only half of the sales equation. Outreach is a big part of finding and converting leads. 

Mark wanted more swings at bat for his sales team than what their internal SDR team was producing, and was looking to outsource his growth efforts to a reliable partner. Actual Energy’s flexible offering is unlike other suppliers - now it was just a matter of getting in front of the right people, at the right companies.


Funnel Fuel built a customized sales prospecting campaign targeting thousands of prospects. The Funnel Fuel team worked with Actual Energy to develop simple, straightforward messaging designed to generate curiosity and engagement.


Funnel Fuel hit the ground running on day 1, working directly with their director of sales Rich Caprio to optimize Actual Energy’s outbound and sales processes.  A few targeting and messaging tweaks later, the team had found the winning campaign and have been working together since 2020.



Our campaigns on behalf of Actual Energy have been a huge success, with an average open rate of 65% and 16% reply rate over 2022. 

Funnel Fuel helped Actual Energy cast a wider net over their market and brought them leads from some of the biggest names in the New England biotech, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries like AT&T, HP Hood and Sensata technologies.

Actual Energy’s Funnel Fuel investment exceeded its projections and expectations. In a matter of months, Funnel Fuel methodologies and practices delivered dozens of qualified opportunities to Actual Energy’s pipeline.

 "As a newer company battling within an ever-changing industry having Funnel Fuel's outreach doubles our effectiveness in the market. Their industry knowledge and commitment to our success has made our jobs much easier. If you are in need of a boost in sales activity I highly recommend Alex and his team." - Rich Caprio, Director of Sales

Actual Energy has been highly satisfied with the results of the campaign and the value that Funnel Fuel has brought to their lead generation efforts. 

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